Why I love what I do…

I myself had great difficulty plucking my eyebrows into the right shape and thus gaps arose. I dreamed of beautifully shaped eyebrows to look more attractive. After i had my eyebrows microbladed, I was so excited about the result… more harmony, more expression and finally shaped equal. I had to learn this technique, today I am still enthusiastic about the before/after results of my customers.

It fills me with friends to practice this craft.

Eyebrows are the frame of the face and I was fascinated by how harmony, balance and youthful appearance can be created through a perfect shape.

At the same time, the topic of skin has become more and more important, it is an essential part of a holistic beautification. At the Phi-academy, I also completed a plasma pen and a microneedling training. At SHR Germany I completed a special BB-Glow training.

My clients (and also many male clients by now) have been loyal to me for many years and it is all the more beautiful to be able to run your own studio now. If you do not know me yet, I would be happy to welcome you. Visit me.