Natural & perfect eyebrows

Microblading originally comes from Asia and is also called the Japanese hand method. It is an alternative to permanent make-up and is used for drawing eyebrows. The 3D / HD hair drawing Microblading Eyebrows is gaining popularity.

Benefits of microblading

Microblading is popular because of the very natural looking results. Each hair can be set precisely – with safe and skin-friendly work. By gliding over the skin with gentle pressure, evenly curved hairs are created. The result is a finely defined pattern of hairs that can hardly be distinguished from a real eyebrow. With microblading, the amount of your own hair doesn’t matter. We perform a thickening of existing eyebrows and a reconstruction if you have lost your eyebrows.


Microblading technique

In contrast to the permanent make-up method, no pigmentation device is used with microblading. The color pigments are manually implanted into the skin using a sterile blade. The blade consists of several needles lined up next to one another. The result is the finest hairs that can hardly be distinguished from real ones. Microblading therefore requires a high level of manual skill. The result is a very natural and individual look, without the “bar shape” that often occurs.


Advice & preliminary drawing

Treatment process

Before the actual treatment, the natural shape of the eyebrows is examined first and then the optimal shape is measured and drawn.
After about four weeks, follow-up treatment takes place, during which correction requests can be made again. There may be a second follow-up treatment.
As already mentioned in the introduction, the microblading must then be refreshed after about one and a half to two years.

Now let’s start microblading. This part of the process is actually pretty quick. Each cutting channel is hand drawn to match your natural hair.

The final result? A very natural look and a softer appearance that won’t reduce to a strange blue or green over time.

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