Lip pigmentation is recommended if:

  • the lips seem too small or too narrow,
  • the lips appear pale or colorless,
  • the lips do not have beautiful contours,
  • the lip heart does not come into its own as desired,
  • or they just don’t feel like putting make-up on their lips anymore

After permanent make-up, the mouth looks naturally fresh and is always perfectly shaped thanks to the clear contours.
Lip contour

With lip contouring, the shape and color of the lips are emphasized or optimized. The lip contour is drawn as a fine line along your natural lip edge. The lip contour is suitable for lips that are perceived as ideal in terms of shape, size and proportions.

Partial shading

Partial shading is suitable for balancing out asymmetrical lip shapes. First, a lip contour is drawn, with which an asymmetrical lip shape can be balanced. Subsequent shading allows us to achieve a very natural-looking transition between the color of the new outer contour and the color of your own lips on the inside.

Full shading / watercolors lips

With the individually coordinated lip color, the lip is filled in with the shading technique. The lip gains more color intensity, expression and volume and even small asymmetries can be corrected.

The appearance of hanging corners of the mouth can also be improved, making the mouth appear friendlier and younger.
You can also apply lipstick, but you don’t have to. A colorless lip balm gives your lips shine and smoothness.