Lashline/eyelash enhancement 

A very natural pigmentation in the eye area

By micropigmentation on the eyelid between the rows of eyelashes – small dots are drawn. According to individual wishes, the resulting stroke can be pigmented rather thin or slightly wider in the outside area.

According to your type, you can also have the lash wreath compaction done on the upper lid and lower lid for an even more expressive look.

With a lashline enhancement you can have a great eye lash conjured up, a natural result that really anyone can wear.
More density and therefore more expression.

If the eyeliner is too intense for you, the lashline enhancement is a great method for a fresh and radiant expression. As a trained permanent make-up specialist, I pay attention to absolute professionalism, the best products and above all to your wishes.

Why an eyelash lashline enhancement?

The eyelashes are very thin or not visible at all, as they are very light colored.
Benefits :
  • Looks very natural
  • As a correction for patchy growing eyelashes or fancy eyelashes
  • Raises the eyes more in female glasses
  • Suitable for women who have an intolerance of cosmetics
  • Eyelashes appear very dense
  • Always look well-groomed, whether in sports or in busy everyday life.
  • An open and friendly look


A simple eyeliner gives you a timelessly beautiful appearance. By extending the eyeliner line at the outer corner of the eye, your eyes look bigger. In this pigmentation method, the line is placed on the eyelid just above the eyelashes.

Catch glances, be irresistible.

Powder Brows

The Revolutionary Permanent Make-up

What are Powderbrows?

Powderbrows also known as Ombrébrows or Vegas Brows, is the latest technique for permanent make-up
With a pigmenting device and a thin needle, pigments are incorporated only into the top layer of the skin, resulting a powder effect.

Uniform, well-groomed and perfectly shaped eyebrows give our face youthful freshness, balance and harmony. Powderbrows are suitable for any skin type, from very bright to a darker complexion.

A soft appearance is created with this technique.
We analyse the shape, colour, density and thickness of the eyebrows in a type-appropriate consultation. In particular, we go through contraindication, prevention and aftercare, so that you are informed and enlightened on the day of treatment.

How does the treatment work?

After a type-appropriate and detailed consultation, the perfect eyebrow shape is predetermined in coordination with the customer. Pigmentation is only started when the shape fits and the desired color is set.

How long does a treatment take?

The treatment with consultation lasts about 3 hours.

Is there a follow-up treatment?

Yes, between four and six weeks a post-treatment is necessary, as some skin areas do not fully accept the color pigments.

What colour does Powderbrows have?

Only colour pigments from Goldeneye are used. These can be mixed with each other, so that you can create an individual color look.