The BB Glow Treatment sets new standards in cosmetics!

Depending on the skin’s needs, a mesoconcentrate formulation with valuable plant extracts, here in the living room and natural mineral pigments, is worked into the skin and says for a moderately beautiful complexion … as if you were using a shared care product.

The result lasts for up to six months after the treatment.

What is BB Glow?

It’s a novel treatment. In doing so, completely harmless finished ments are introduced into the skin through painless needling mesotherapy.

High-quality witch active ingredients are brought into the skin together with the mineral diamonds so that the skin is optimally supplied with the depth and the top layer of skin is enriched with mineral pigments.

This gives you the glow, a radiantly beautiful skin without any make-up.

What does BB Glow do?


  • Pore ​​refinement
  • soothes the skin
  • Reduction of wrinkles and lines
  • Whitening of the skin as desired, with specific serums
  • Revitalizing and strengthening the skin
  • smoother complexion with a natural glow
  • Skin renewal is stimulated
  • Better absorption of active ingredients
  • Rejuvenation of sun damaged skin
  • Pigment and age spots are reduced
  • Slightly lightening dark circles under the eyes with mineral pigments
  • the skin’s own elastin and collagen production is activated
    Reducing redness


What does BB Glow help against?

  • Wrinkles, lines
  • Discoloration around the eyes
  • Pigment disorders, age spots, freckles
  • sun damaged skin
  • large pores
  • Dull, dry, sallow skin
  • restless skin
  • Redness
BB Glow Veränderung

How often should you use BB Glow?

A cure application of four treatments two weeks apart gives lasting and visible results. To maintain the result, a refresher from the fourth month is once every six to eight weeks.

In particular, highlighting and contouring with BB Glow is possible.

When should BB Glow not be used?

  • Skin cancer, neoplasms, tumors
  • fresh scars and wounds
  • Acute acne, rosacea or other infectious and inflammatory
  • skin diseases
  • acute herpes infection
  • Atopic dermatitis / psoriasis on the face
  • atropic eczema
  • Known allergies to ingredients
  • Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
  • Pregnant / nursing mothers
  • Radiation and chemotherapy

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